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We empower businesses to maximize asset value, ensuring efficiency, savings and success.


At Facility+, we are dedicated to transforming the way organizations manage their assets. With a passion for efficiency and a commitment to excellence, we provide cutting-edge asset management software solutions that empower businesses of all sizes.

  • Our mission is simple: to help you track, maintain, and maximize the value of your assets.
  • By offering a comprehensive platform that streamlines asset management processes,
  • we enable operational efficiency, cost savings and the foundation for long-term success.

With a focus on innovation and a dedication to our customers, Facility+ is your trusted partner in asset management. Join us in optimizing your assets and driving your business forward.

Facility data and document

Going digital with these important documents protects them from damage and puts them into a system that is easily accessed anytime, anywhere.


It’s important to integrate all your systems and have a single point of access to achieve smooth operations. You can customize integrations based on your requirements and the systems you’re currently using.

Planned preventive maintenance (PPM)

A planned preventive maintenance facility management software feature helps keep your equipment up and running by automatically scheduling service tasks and generating the necessary work orders.


Data security is an important concern for facilities. When looking at solutions, check if they offer an administrative log to report on all the events and assets. Other features let you restrict certain areas, floors and facilities to certain managerial levels. Web access is also important to get information faster and ensure that multiple users can access real-time data from anywhere.


Our Services

Asset Tracking and Management

Comprehensive asset inventory management

Maintenance and Work Order Management

Proactive maintenance scheduling

Inventory Management

Streamlined inventory control and optimization

Custom Reporting and Analytics

Tailored reporting for data-driven decisions

Integration Services

Seamless integration with existing systems and software

Compliance and Safety

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards

Experience the future of asset management with Facility+.

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Our Features

Comprehensive Asset Tracking:

Our software allows you to track asset location, maintenance history, and depreciation.

Maintenance Scheduling:

Easily create maintenance schedules, set reminders, and track maintenance history to ensure your assets are always in top condition.

Inventory Management:

Our software helps you keep track of stock levels, reorder supplies when necessary, and reduce excess inventory costs.

Real-time Updates:

Receive alerts for maintenance tasks, asset repairs, and other critical events to keep your operations running smoothly.


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